Monday, June 27, 2011


WEEEE,,,aku saja-saja search google image baby tetiba jumpa info pasal baby nih tomeyy gilerr baby nih,,dulu men copy jer pic nih buat profile kat fb n than sesuka aku jer ambek pic nih letak kat laptop aku buat screensaver ,,padahal aku dah tengok kot lakonan bernas dia kat dalam filem baby n me with  jang geun seok -->                         hensem boy huhu ,,   

sungguh aku tidak perasan haha,,
aku tak sangka betapa  popular nya baby mason moon nih,,
tapi geram kot macam nak cubit-cubit jer,,
nih info pasal mason moon 
try lah tengok citer baby n me 
sangat best 


Name: Moon Mason
Gender: Male
Birth date: 2007/ 03 / 21
Blood Type : O
Family : His father is Canadian and his mother is Korean.And now he has 2 little brothers :].
Occupation : Kid model (Baby Ulzzang) and Actor.
Trademark: Smiling and Gurgling when there is a lot of people.
Favorite Foods: Unbecoming of his polished appearance, he likes poprice and uncooked ramen.
Hobby: Throwing a ball and picking up stuff when it looks messy.
Points of appeal: Pigtail on top of his head to appear cute and awkward wink.
Carreer :
- He played in the movie 'Baby and I' with Jang Geun Suk.
- He`s also an ulzzang (Best face in Korea).
- He's the MC of the korean TV program 'Good Daddy' which features korean well-known entertainers such as Lee Honggi, Kim Heechul and Kim Gunmo.
- T-ara Hello Baby

You can watch some of his video's here: 

sapa nak anak macam ni angkat tangan ,,,

ok bye!! 

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