Wednesday, December 5, 2012

how to decorate my car


hola2 i want decorate my little car but im a girl so i don't know how ,,,and only girl in my house ,,,girl don't know anything about car ok,,,who should i asking ,,,pity me ,,don't have a brother or boyfriend ,,,now i know the important of men in our life,,,bhaha,,,since i not have a lot of money ,,so i just do it slowly  lol,, im not rich like uolls,,,but I'm thankful to God for sustenance i have  , my mom always get mad when I say "no money la" because not praise the gods she say  ,,,fine,,,
so about car ,,,im using kancil ,,suitable for me huh!,,i want change my rim car to pink,,hot or not? haha
im want colour my car to white pink,,not all pink like barbie car lol,,,fully white but roof i want pink colour ,,,
can wait to see my car fully change ,,,but i should ask everyone is ok or not,,,and also should google ,,,,

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