Sunday, July 31, 2011

because of love

i hate to be alone

where you when I'm sad
where you when I'm happy
where you when I'm sick
I don't understand you
I always  try to understand you
maybe just only me feeling like this
you always say erm,,, when I message you
very bored you know
I just want your response
that's all
you always say i should understand you
but you never try to understand me
i love justin bieber
i love Jang Geun Suk
but i love you more
When you call me
with a cute name
I just like being in a cloud sky
i only want you ,although there is handsome man next to me
even though you are not handsome, but you are cute in my eyes
you are diamond for me 
because you will make me shining
like a diamond ring 
i'm not beautiful 
I'm not a clever girl
I only have love for you
i don't know why i love you
why  I not fallen in love with taeyang
why must you
I hate you but I love you
even when I phone you, you said "call back later" I don't mind
even though you let me walk alone, I don't mind
when my friends asked me to leave you
I close my ears with cotton because I don want to hear them
i know you love me but you don't know how to show 
i guess 

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